The Team

The team here at the Bonington Banter is constantly changing! As editor, I want to encourage everybody to write for the Banter, whether it’s a one-off report on the biggest event of the month, or a monthly column about what’s on at the cinema!

I need a great team behind me for this year to bring the Banter up to its former glory (and maybe even more!). If you have an idea then that’s great, but don’t worry if you don’t know what to write; I have lists of ideas for features and I can help you plan your piece if you’re still unsure! So please, please contact me if you want to write for the Banter, my address is on the ‘Contact Us’ tab!

If anybody would like to have a permanent position at the Banter for 2011-2012, I am looking for:

– Feature Writers (You will be in charge of writing features [duh!] each month, as well as reviewing the features sent in from anybody else. Approx 1 article each per month)

– News Reporters (You will be in charge of writing reports on the goings-on, whether it’s a movement from the SU or a huge event you attended, as well as reading over any reports that come in from IMPACT or anybody else. Approx 1-2 articles each month)

I have recently appointed a sub-editor: Aaron Myatt, a mature bioscience undergrad. He will be helping me run this website, design the Banter, and write stories.


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