Sutton Bonington Campus

Sutton Bonington campus (‘Bonington Hall’) is a University of Nottingham campus situated 10 miles to the south of University Park in the village of Sutton Bonington. It serves two schools- Biosciences and Veterinary Sciences- and within these schools, just 6 divisions:

  • Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
  • Animal Sciences
  • Food Sciences
  • Plant and Crop Sciences
  • Nutritional Sciences
  • Veterinary Medicine and Science

Due to the specialised subjects studied at this campus, it is quite small, serving about 1200 students, with only around 400 living in the on-site halls. In addition to this, the relative isolation from the rest of Nottingham University makes Sutton Bonington (SB for short) a very close-knit community, with more events held in the bar than any other hall, and all of these far better attended!

“It’s a really friendly atmosphere…everyone knows everyone and we all join in to have a good giggle!”       -Madeleine Unwin, 1st Year Veterinary Student



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