Dining-In Bigger than Ever!

On Friday was the traditional Masquerade dining-in, the first for many. Despite the distinct lack of masks it was a bigger event than ever, with the maximum allowed 18 tables sold within 20 minutes, leaving many people disappointed.

Students entered the room through a blue veil, to find the Rushcliffe decked-out in blue and silver. A live band was playing gentle jazz, and the atmosphere was fantastic. A big thank you to all the JCR for a wonderful night, their last dining in as a committee! 

The food was the best I’ve had from Sodexo, with supreme of chicken (or a vegetarian tart) to start, and a delicious cheesecake for dessert, leaving everybody full and satisfied. The wine was also pretty good, resulting in a rowdy bunch during the warden’s speech, and particularly after the vice-president’s speech, when the whole room erupted in a chorus of the banned ‘SB Drinking Song’. For their sake, I hope the warden doesn’t find out whose idea that was!

Eating pudding with no hands









The after-party, as always, was packed with everybody that couldn’t come to the meal, who (due to a number of pre-lashes) were in much the same drunken and sorry state as the rest of us! A night of dancing, drinking, chatting (and for some people whose names I can’t mention, kissing) ensued. True to tradition, Baywatch was the final song played, resulting in people – mostly men but I definitely saw some women – streaming into the night still topless!


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